Hi, we’re Ryan and Maggie Bokros. You are probably here because you have seen the devastation that Hurricane Harvey brought to us, and you’ve heard of our passion for helping the people of this beautiful city. 

At the time we created this site, Ryan had spent the previous days on boats pulling people from the waters,  organized rescues, supplies and relief for people in need and we’ve fed folks who are trying with every last fiber to rebuild what was taken from them by this storm and the vast waters that came with it. Since then, we have seen the beauty of our community and those beyond our community, come to life. We hope you have too.

We’ve also witnessed the great need of families around our great city and south Texas, despite the massive outpouring of help that has come in from around the country. The stories are near and far of those who are falling through the cracks of federal and local aid, and how the everyday loving person has come through to care for their fellow man. Collectively, we are stronger.

You are either here to submit a family in need, or adopt one….and for either, we thank you for reaching into your heart to allow us to play a part in the long healing and rebuilding process.

God Bless you for your prayers, your thoughts and your giving to those that have been so heavily affected by this tragic natural disaster.

Ryan & Maggie


We realize not everyone will be able to adopt a whole family….it can be overwhelming and financially we understand its not a viable option for a lot…not to worry, you can still help directly effect the recovery process for a family.

We have already taken funds donated by individuals from all of the world and combined those donations to care for those in need. While we are not a charity or 501c3, we are regular people who promise to make sure ever penny you send will go directly to someone who needs it. If you want a reference for the work we’ve already done with donated funds, we are happy to provide those for your peace of mind.

Think about it….less than $10 will buy a pack of socks or underwear for a child who lost all their clothes and has to start back to school next week. Your $5 donation combined with three others could provide a backpack for a child. We are willing to facilitate these requests….we’ve already been doing it.

Your $10 donation could provide a homemade dinner for a family that is busy tearing carpet and drywall out of their house….we will cook the meal and deliver it on your behalf.

To make a donation of any amount, you can visit paypal.me/bokros. If you would like to request receipts or proof that your donation went to an individual in need, we are happy to provide this.

In The Media

While we are just regular folks who care a lot about our community, we are passionate about the work we have been doing. We are humble people who don’t like to brag, but people notice the work we have been doing. 

We are proud to share our stories not because they are about us, but because they bring some of what has happened here to real life. Stories of water rescues and crying mothers when dinner is delivered because they no longer have pots and pans to cook a meal with. It has been a pleasure to help bring to life the reality that is happening all around us.

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